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Journalism of Doom!

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This post started as one of my “Not big enough to rant about” things, but upon finding this example of senstaionalism and scaremongering it soon escalated. Have a look at this article published in August 2013 in The Atlantic about … Continue reading


Will Pork Pies kill you?

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There a new medical report that’s been in the news recently, published by BioMed Central: Meat consumption and mortality In its conclusions it states that Processed meat consumption increases the chance of mortality and that 3.3% of premature deaths could have been … Continue reading


Stereograms, Periodic tables and Ryan Giggs

Whats the connection? This blog is the simple answer, they are some of the most popular search terms for my very own rant space. The majority of my posts get a smattering of views, which is fine, I write these … Continue reading


3D or not 3D …. part two

A year ago today I wrote a blog post about 3D technology (Click here to read it) , in it I ranted about how it was a gimmicky fad that spoilt the movie industry and was nothing more than a … Continue reading


A year in the life…

One of the best things about this blog is that I can look back on what I have written previously and smile at the happy memories,  nod sagely at the rants, and swell with pride the quality and humour of the … Continue reading


A few things that aren’t big enough to blog about.

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There’s lots of little things that make me want to rant about them, little things that I know I could get off my chest in no more than a paragraph or two, but it doesn’t seem worth a full blog … Continue reading


Storm in a Jerry Can

Some thoughts on the current “Fuel Crisis”: 1. There isn’t one. It is true that the members of the Union Unite have voted to strike over pay and working conditions, however talks will be starting on Monday to rectify the situation. If Unite wish … Continue reading