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iOS 7 – NOT a list of it’s bad points.

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I have an iPhone, and the other day I downloaded and installed the latest update to get it running on iOS 7. As always when Apple release a new version of their iOS there is always a huge outcry slagging … Continue reading


The Many faces of Sony PSP

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With the release of the PS Vita, PSP’s have been coming down in price and more people are looking to snap them up. To date there have been 5 major incarnations of the PSP (Playstation Portable), the 1000 (or Phat), … Continue reading


Will Pork Pies kill you?

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There a new medical report that’s been in the news recently, published by BioMed Central: Meat consumption and mortality In its conclusions it states that Processed meat consumption increases the chance of mortality and that 3.3% of premature deaths could have been … Continue reading


Oscar Pistorius

I read a rather moving blog yesterday about how the world has lost a hero with the events in South Africa involving Oscar Pistorius. As has been mentioned many places before Oscar shot to world renown when he took part … Continue reading


Was Darwin wrong?

Charles Darwin is famous worldwide for being the founder of the modern theory of evolution. Back in 1859 he published a book called On The Origin Of The Species in which he proposed that animals and humans shared common ancestry, … Continue reading


Ice Ice Baby…..

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It’s that time of year again, the nights draw in, the weather turns chilly and your car turns into an icebox, literally. We’ll all be out there in the bitter cold doing our best to get the car into a … Continue reading


Stereograms, Periodic tables and Ryan Giggs

Whats the connection? This blog is the simple answer, they are some of the most popular search terms for my very own rant space. The majority of my posts get a smattering of views, which is fine, I write these … Continue reading