About me…


I’m a modest person so I find it hard to write these sort of things.

I’m a thirty something Data Analyst working in Leeds but living in Barnsley. I’m engaged to the Demonwrangler (demonwrangling101@wordpress.com) and enjoy speding time with her and her two demons.

I like to get things off my chest on here, I like food very much so. I like drink, especially wine, and cocktails, and cider, and coffee. I am a bit of a geek, I like spreadsheets and lists, and technogeekery (there is an app for that somewhere)

I have a PS3 and enjoy shooting people on Call of Duty to relieve stress. When not on there I will be found on Facebook or Google+, or even ranting on here.

Thats me. A geek with a fondness for monkeys (oh-er missus) and odd sense of humour and a liking for wine.


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