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Duochrome OXO boxes?

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For those of you who are not familiar with eye tests at the opticians, they can be quite intensive and cover a lot of different thing, and although you are not allowed to purchase glasses or contact lenses in the … Continue reading


All the better to see you with.

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Last week I took the plunge and went out shopping for a new pair of specs, I had a distinct advantage in that I had my other half along with me to help choose, and an iphone complete with camera. … Continue reading


A few things that aren’t big enough to blog about.

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There’s lots of little things that make me want to rant about them, little things that I know I could get off my chest in no more than a paragraph or two, but it doesn’t seem worth a full blog … Continue reading


Alan Davies….Right or wrong?

At what point does becoming a celebrity do you have to give up having an opinion? I ask as the has been a bit of a brewha today over some comments Alan Davies (@Alandavies1) made about the Hillsborough Disaster in which … Continue reading


Originally posted on Middle Class Value:
I am rather thankful for Aunt Bessie. I don’t buy any of her products but I do find inspiration from them. She sells bags of frozen mashed potato. These are (in my humble opinion)…