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Eye eye.

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I wear glasses, have done since I was little. I have strong memories of sitting in the opticians chair as a wee lad, with the hefty great frames squashing my nose as the optician slots in various lens, squinting at … Continue reading


I wandered lonely as a poet

One of my challenges was to write and publish a poem. Lord knows why I decided to include that as one of my challenges, the last time I wrote a poem was back in school. But a challenge is a … Continue reading


Axis of evil…

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Graphs are great aren’t they, you can do all sorts with a graph, and there’s so many types to choose from. Line graphs, bar charts, scatter graphs, pie charts…the list goes on and on. They all have one sinister thing … Continue reading


3D or not 3D, that is the question.

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HD has been and gone, the next big craze to get you to buy an expensive TV is 3D technology. It’s not new, 3D has been around since the dawn of time, and all you need to apprecciate it is … Continue reading


Animals that I have eaten

Whilst walking through the continental market in Barnsley this morning I noticed local Deer Farm had a stand selling venison burgers. This made my mouth water, but also made me wonder what else I had eaten. Here is the list, … Continue reading