The Wine List

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I am a geek and I like wine. The two have now merged and I am using my geekingess in conjunction with my fondness of wine to create a database of wines, good and bad.

I have created a form in Google Docs to keep track of the wines I’ve tried, where I bought them, and how much they cost. There may even be a bout of playing on some GIS software to make some maps depending on how geeky I get about it.

Of course I need to drink a few wines to get something to comment on, and I’m doing my best at that, but if you want to give me any opinions then feel free to nip across to the wine tasting notes page where you’ll find a handy form to enter details about wines you’ve tried, and how you found them, you don’t have to fill out the whole form, just as much as you like.

Whilst I’m waiting for a few responses to come in I’ll think up a decent way to get the information displayed on here somehow….any suggestions welcome.


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