Monthly Archives: December 2010

Memory provoking

Not a long post, I’m sat here drinking the last shot of Dutch Gin from a bottle that was virtually empty, that my dad bought whilst he was in holland and used to enjoy.

I never knew this, and this seems to be the smoothest and nicest gin I have ever tasted.


Could I have done more?

I’ve asked myself this a fair bit today.

On my way to work I saw something, as I pulled up to a junction the van that had just pulled out of the junction ahead of me had to stop just down the road. Another van that was at the side of the road had just been pushed into the road ahead of it as if it was being bumped off. I checked the traffic and pulled out and went to pass both vans as 2 lads from the stalled van were approaching the first one, maybe to apologise or even ask for help. As I started to pull out though the two lads launched a housebrick through the passenger window, yanked open the door and started hitting whatever was there with lumps of wood.

As I drove past I got my phone out and called the police, abandoned my car in the work car park 50yards down the road and went back hoping to get a number plate, but when I got there both vans had gone.

I can’t help wondering if I did the right thing, should I have stopped to help? Should I have sounded my horn? Taken a photo or video? would it gave been any different if I were in the Landrover?

These things have been running through my mind today. I have no idea what happened to the people in either van, but maybe I could have done more. I know if I were in that van I would have wanted help, but I just drove by.